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We are ready to help you bring your idea to life, starting with drafting technical specifications and prototyping, and ending with the launch and configuration of the project


We specialize in the development of business software systems that help to increase the productivity and efficiency of enterprises

E-commerce sites

We provide a full development cycle from the creation of a technical specification to the successful deployment of a website on the server

Business-card sites

We develop websites to effectively promote your business online


We analyse competitors and develop a semantic core for your website, as well as provide further support

Our work

You can view our previous projects to familiarize yourself with our awareness and the variety of work we have done in the past.

ERP/CRM for a tank container clean-repairing depot

This project is a complex ERP+CRM system designed for the management of a station engaged in washing and repairing tank containers. Such special containers are used for the transportation of chemicals. Our system provides data collection and processing, tracking the status of orders and execution of work, and ensures efficient planning and coordination of all processes.

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Creation of an information site for underwater well drilling services.

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Content delivery system

For familiarization, we offer our project - a system for delivering content to users, which was developed from scratch. The requirements for this project were very specific, so it was decided not to use ready-made CMS, but to develop the system independently.

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Online store and backend for automation

We developed an administrative panel for automating the filling of the store with goods, adjusting prices and synchronizing information to the store.

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How we work

Our company has been developing websites in Ukraine and abroad for many years, using an individual approach to each client. Turnkey website development is the main focus of the Skylex web studio, because we understand that website development is not the only condition for the successful implementation of an online business. To make the created website profitable from scratch, it is necessary to develop it comprehensively. We provide a full range of website development services, guaranteeing quality, stable product performance and a transparent price list.

After the competitors are analysed, we create page prototypes and briefly describe the functionality of each page. This is necessary so that you know exactly what you will get in the end, and we know how each page works and program exactly what you expect. At this stage, you will already know the cost and timeline of the project.

After the stage of agreeing on project requirements, the designer begins to draw the design of the finished prototypes. At this stage, adjustments to the functionality or adjustments in relation to the prototypes are possible. Minor changes will not affect the development time, but important functionality can increase it. In addition, at this stage, you can agree on the requirements for the project's admin panel.

When all the requirements are agreed upon, the design is drawn and accepted, the developers are involved and develop the project in accordance with the functional requirements and in line with the design. At this stage, the client's involvement is minimal, as all the requirements have already been discussed and the developers can work autonomously. However, you can see the progress of the work. After each isolated piece of functionality is developed, updates will be uploaded to the server, which can be tested. In the process, test data will be created to test the operation of the finished project pieces.

After completing the last stage of development, the project can be comprehensively tested on our test server. After that, it can be deployed on your production server. After deployment on the production server, the stage of filling the site follows. It can be done both by your managers and our employees. It is also possible to automatically upload data or set up synchronization with third-party systems.

After the project is launched and filled with content, the phase of setting up advertising messages or SEO promotion begins. This phase is also when the project can be modified to meet new requirements. Revisions follow the same steps as development from scratch, but some steps can be omitted. For example, for minor improvements, it makes no sense to coordinate requirements. A short bell may be used, after which the programmers can complete the work, update it on the test server, and update the working draft after acceptance.

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